Sunday, January 8, 2012

Robert Kirkman Interview at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Well, the 2012 Amazing Arizona Comic Con has come to an end and the Angry Koala Gear crew was pretty busy enjoying the event and meeting some of our favorites. One of those people we have been fortunate in meeting a few times is Robert Kirkman who is the creator of Invincible, Super Dinosaur, Haunt, The Infinite, and one of our favorite series, The Walking Dead. We have enjoyed his work a great deal and he keeps the readers wanting more.

We knew he would be a very busy person at the con, not only with his Image Comics imprint, Skybound Entertainment, but also for a hit TV show from AMC The Walking Dead. We were lucky to speak to him and ask for an interview and he said sure!

The Walking Dead is a tremendous hit from both the Image Comics series to the AMC, The Walking Dead series. We love both because there are similarities and they are different in many ways. We love the difference in characters in their personalities and actually in how some are still alive in the TV series versus the comic series and have become the most popular characters. This is why we needed to know if Michonne would eventually make her presence in the TV series eventually. We are huge fans of many comics that have come out of Image Comics, which is why we wanted to know what it felt to be part of the 20th Anniversary for Image Comics. We thank Mr. Robert Kirkman for this opportunity and look forward to continuing enjoying both the comic and the TV series.

Stay tuned because we actually were at The Walking Dead panel and will definitely be posting it very soon! We even had a chance to meet Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes)!!

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