Friday, January 20, 2012

LEGO Hero Factory Display

What is a trip to your local store without going through the toy aisles? We frequent the toy aisles and always marvel at the latest and greatest toys. We love LEGOs and when we pass the LEGO Hero Factory display we always have to stop and look. 
We know that this display has been out for awhile but we still can't get over how animated effects were incorporated into the display.

There was a flat screen tv that projected the images downward onto the see through mirror-like surface that looked to be at about a 45 degree angle. Behind that surface was of course the Rocka and Witch Doctor showing their fire power. 

This 'combat' between the two was a minute long and looped so anyone can see the epic battle again and again. We loved the display and if you haven't seen it check it out below.


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