Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indyanimation - Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary Stop Motion Tribute

We would love to get another Indiana Jones movie! I know what many may be thinking, why another? Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was heavily criticized, but hey it had Indiana Jones. Rumors are floating out there that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg may be working on another and I do hope this is true.

It is very hard to believe that Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark celebrated 30 years last year. Hasbro celebrated the 30th Anniversary with a special edition, SDCC Indiana Jones set last year, and a  very creative person, Jeff Gurwood built and filmed a stop motion animated film that featured the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Stop motion is takes a great deal of time and we know this because we love to build Lego sets in this style. I can only imagine how long it took him to build the sets and to film it. This is an amazing video and we hope to see more! 

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