Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gentle Giant's Professor Trelawney

Something great came in the mail today. I'm glad because it's been awhile since we have bought anything Harry Potter related. We received the Professor Trelawney Mini Bust from Gentle Giant Ltd.  Gentle Giant's statues are incredibly detailed and this one is no exception. The Mini Bust is limited to 750 pieces.

The box Trelawney came in was in a clear plastic bag and protected well with paper. 

Here's the front of the the box with an open window showing Trelawney with her crystal ball.

Here's the side of the box. The same picture shows on the left and right side of the box.

 On the back of the box shows the scene with Trelawney and then underneath it has the following:
Laser scanned in three dimensions directly from actors, original costumes, and props seen in the Harry Potter films, this collectible piece is unmatchable in its level of authenticity. Digital modelers procesed the raw data, sculptors perfected the design, and painters brought the piece to life. The talented artisans at Gentle Giant each contribute in their unique way to the quality of this piece.
Below you can see the top and bottom of the box.

The Mini Bust is packed in plastic and fits perfectly in the styrofoam. 

Finally Professor Trelawney is out of the box. 

One thing that I didn't unwrap was on her left wrist. She wears a bracelet as shown in the picture shown below. The bracelet is actually loose on the Mini Bust but being cautious, I didn't remove the protective wrapping.

Here is the Mini Bust from the back. Check out the detail of her coat. Each time I looked at this I had to remind myself that it is wasn't made of cloth and it was polystone. The details the artist took not only her coat but the different necklaces are amazing.

Professor Trelawney is hand numbered on the bottom the statue. She also comes with a hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Gentle Giant continually delivers with this MIni Bust with Professor Trelawney's character likeness and detail. This will allow fans to enjoy the professor of Divination forever.

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