Monday, January 2, 2012

Gentle Giant Premier Guild Member Star Wars Darth Maul Mini Bust Review

Well, we had an awesome surprise come in the mail this past Saturday and just in time for the New Year! Gentle Giant Studios mailed out the 2011 Premier Guild Member exclusives just in time to celebrate the new year. 

We are huge Star Wars fans, so we had to go with choosing the PGM Star Wars Darth Maul mini bust and what a great time to add this piece in the Star Wars collection, especially when The Phantom Menace will be returning to theaters next month and in 3D for the first time!! 

Gentle Giant Studios is definitely best known for their Star Wars license in creating some of the best mini  busts out today. They have once again come through in packaging the Darth Maul mini bust in their signature glossy, black box with the open window revealing the characters head sculpt. 

For those collectors who enjoy keeping their collectibles sealed, Gentle Giant always makes sure to keep the packaging a great display item. They always provide great pictures of the bust inside and a great description of the character and they do not disappoint in this Darth Maul. 

Well for us, we do keep many things in their packages, but we have loved to open the mini busts and statues from Gentle Giant to fully appreciate their pieces. There happened to be an awesome first for us and I was thrilled to see the number we received on Darth Maul! As you see, there are only 1250 pieces, which will make this piece desireable, but what made it even greater is that we actually received the very last one. I know that it is usually the first few that are normally sought after, but why not the last? 

To assure the protection of your investment, Gentle Giant always provides very sturdy styrofoam that is fitted to hold in the busts and statues.  

 Of course, once we would pull the bust out, we knew we would get to see this thing of beauty. 
The detail is truly amazing from Darth Maul's horns to his tattoo patterns on his face and body. 

Gentle Giant has created an amazing piece in this Darth Maul to not only show the detail in his head sculpt and body, but to also provide his full famous Saberstaff, double-bladed lightsaber.  

 The detail in the head sculpt is incredible from the tattoo patterns, his horns, and especially Darth Maul's eyes. 

Gentle Giant has once again created a mini bust that should be part of every Star Wars collection. The PGM Darth Maul mini bust is my favorite Maul from Gentle Giant so far. I love the pose they chose for this piece in demonstrating him in his training and to reveal his red double-sided lightsaber. The packaging, sculpt, details of the tattoos and horns, and paint job are truly perfect for this bust. 

What a way to bring in the new year in the first bust from Gentle Giant for 2012 and we look forward to seeing what they will be bringing! 

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