Sunday, January 29, 2012

Encore Presentation of Toy Hunters on the Travel Channel Today!!

 Toy Hunters premiered on Sunday, January 15th on the Travel Channel and it was terrific. This was a pilot episode of the show, which we hope gets a chance at a series. I am a toy collector and huge Star Wars fan. I think it is time we get a show for us and about us! Jordan Hembrough and his crew found an original Kenner Star Wars Rocket-firing Boba Fett for goodness sakes!! Aren't you curious to see what else people are willing to share? What other prototypes are out there that were never produced? Maybe Jordan Hembrough can showcase toy collectors collections to see what they may have as hidden gems. 

Travel Channel is having an encore presentation of Toy Hunters pilot episode today. Please check your local cable network for times because they may vary in locations. I am here in Arizona and it is going to be re-aired at 4pm, so eastern time may be on at 6pm. Showing an encore is awesome because maybe Travel Channel is wanting to make sure this show has a good following and that we want a series. Let's make it happen! If you watched it the first time around, watch it again, and tell a friend to watch it. 

We had an opportunity to Interview Jordan Hembrough right before the show premiered on Travel Channel and he is a fan of toys as much as we are, which makes this great.

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