Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Darth Vader Helmet Art Contest Auction created a contest which too over the past three months. They selected 24 artists  who created original art pieces using authentic replica Darth Vader helmets. The artists were allowed to use the Vader helmets as they wished to create and interpret their own original piece. Currently, the Darth Vader helmets are being examined by a panel of judges, and the top artists will receive cash prizes. 

Soon, you will have the chance to own one of these great works of art. Each helmet will be available via auction, beginning February 7, 2012. The proceeds will benefit the Midwest Art Catalyst and the Miracle League of North Mankato.

Amongst the contestants, our friend Denise Vasquez was one of the 24 artists chosen to participate in this incredible contest. The piece she created is known as "Frankenvader". 

To view the other amazing Darth Vader Helmet Art pieces, you can find them at

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