Saturday, December 3, 2011

The World of Lady Mechanika

Coming soon to a comic shop near you is Aspen Comics' Lady Mechanika #3 by Joe Benitez. 
Check out the art below.

I will admit it, Aspen Comics' steampunk beauty, Lady Mechanika, has me. Joe Benitez is the creator behind Lady Mechanika. He also wears the hats of writter and illustrator. All we know about Lady Mechanika is that she is the only survivor of an experiment by a London serial killer. She has a few special abilities that make her a great detective to take on cases that others won't. She continually is searching for answers about her past and makes friends and enemies along the way.
The artwork is what really brings this to life. I will be honest, I did judge a book by its cover on this one. I absolutely love every single cover of Lady Mechanika. Peter Steigerwald does an amazing job with the colors. They truly are breathtaking. If I didn't read these all the time, I would frame each one to adorn my walls. Okay, I might do that anyway. 

I had the opportunity to get every one of my comic books signed by Joe Benitez. I've had them signed at Amazing Arizona Con, San Diego Comic Con, Long Beach Expo and the Comikaze Expo. He's a nice guy and I look forward to seeing him back at the Amazing Arizona Con in January. 

 I have a small Lady Mechanika collection that I have every intent to expand. With only three issues, I have 13 comic books, business cards and a few postcards. More is needed. 

Postcard from Amazing Arizona Con

"Business cards"

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