Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spawn: The Beginning Resin Statue from McFarlane Toys

It is amazing thinking about Todd McFarlane creating Spawn nearly 20 years ago, which will actually be making this landmark in just a few months! Spawn is one of those favorite series I had in the early 90's and it was part of my new favorite company, Image Comics that was bringing out many new great series to the industry. Along with Spawn, I enjoyed other Image Comics such as Wetworks, Wildcats, Savage Dragon and Youngblood. Two years later after Image Comics and Spawn were created thanks to Todd McFarlane and others, he then took a huge step forward to build a brand new toy company, McFarlane Toys in 1994.

Todd McFarlane not only helped me to enjoy comics, but he also helped me to start collecting toys again as I used to as a child. The new Spawn toys were incredible with amazing detail that no other toy company could touch. I remember these toys being very difficult to find in stores unless you were friends with one of the employees, especially if you were trying to get that very desirable Malebolgia. 

With Image Comics getting ready to celebrate their 20th Year Anniversary in 2012, what a perfect time to celebrate 20 years in Spawn with the creation of the Spawn: The Beginning resin statue. 

You wanted him, and now you’re getting him. Spawn: The Beginning resin statue is now being offered exclusively through the McFarlane Toys online store. This statue is limited to 900 pieces and each is individually numbered (1-300 autographed & 301-900 unsigned).
Both versions feature FREE shipping within the US!

As a special holiday treat, all orders received before Saturday, December 10 willship in time for Christmas!

Every statue also includes a FREE copy of Spawn issue #1 and Spawn issue #2from the original 1st Printing in 1992. Fifty copies of Spawn #2 have been autographed by Todd and have been randomly inserted in the boxes.

Ordering begins on Tuesday,December 6 and will coincide with the launch of theNEW McFarlane Toys Store and Collectors Club program!

Spawn: The Beginning is available in two versions: 

$149.95 (1-300 Autographed by Todd McFarlane)
$109.95 (301-900 Without Autograph)

These autographs are not just stamps on a plate…Here’s the proof! 


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