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Papercutz Lego Ninjago Vol. 1 Graphic Novel Review

 Lego is one of our favorite toys companies. I grew up playing with Lego toys from building those famous and fun mini figures to their awesome buildings. The Lego group started in the 1930's with wooden toys. In the late 1940's, their plastic building toys were created as we know them today. We are big kids at heart still today with their amazing Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter lines. The Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu is the newest Lego series and it is a combination of classic Lego ninja figures, Spinners that the figures can be placed on for battles and a card game that accompanies the spinners.

The Lego Ninjago series has become an instant hit and very popular with people wanting more. Besides, who does not like Ninjas and Skeleton Armies? Cartoon Network already aired the first Lego Ninjago movie, which has now become a DVD. Papercutz has just recently released the Lego Ninjago Vol.1 Graphic Novel and it has sold over 150,000 copies, and we were lucky to get sent a copy from Papercutz.


This actually would be our first Lego graphic novel to read and I was looking forward doing so because we love the toys. As you can see, the cover and back already start off right with great illustrations of the team of Ninjas and Master Wu. The first volume is titled, The Challenge of Samukai, and it is great because it goes into the origins of Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitzu and helps us to learn about the characters.

The book starts off with the premise of the story and we are introduced to the villains, Samukai, a four armed Ninjago Skeleton who is King of the Underworld and Lord Garmadon who is the brother of Master Wu. Samukai happens to be the leader of the skeleton army (who are not that smart) and actually he tends to believe is the almighty leader on Earth as well, but Garmadon begs to differ. As a matter of fact, both seem to want full power, but as we all know villains do not usually manage to compromise well together. Garmadon makes a wager with Samukai that he can not stop the ninjas and says that whoever wins the bet, will become the leader of both Earth and the Underworld. 

We soon learn that the two had a confrontation once before and Garmadon actually had already won.
 During their conversation of the bet is when we start learning the history of Master Wu and the beginning of the ninja. It is sad to learn that brothers can soon become enemies once their father passes all for POWER.

Their father created four Golden Weapons that were powerful each on their own, but together, unstoppable. They were trained by the best! Garmadon wanted all the power and tried taking all four weapons, but Master Wu would not allow it. He hid the weapons and fought many battles by himself. Unfortunately, he could not be in many places at once, which is why he had to find and recruit at team of young Ninja.

 Master Wu would search high, low and in between in search of his team of protectors. He would soon recruit Jay (Blue Ninja), Cole (Black Ninja), Zane (White Ninja) and Kai (Red Ninja). Master Wu has hidden a map in a small village where Samukai would learn its location where we will meet Kai. Kai is young, bold and maybe too brave for his own good. Kai's sister Nya would be kidnapped along with the map. Master Wu would then begin his training with the young ninja and Kai wanted revenge, but he must learn patience. Because of his determination, Kai would become a powerful ninja that would learn to Master Spinjitzu, but still needed to learn patience.

He would soon lead the team for a search for his sister, but was he ready? Samukai and the Skeleton army would try to set a few traps on the way and lessons would be learned. Adventures would lead them into a unique crystal cave that makes the person appear different to others.

There may have been traps for the Ninja, but they may have learned from their mistakes. Samukai might think he has the upper hand or should I say four hands, but in the end, the heroes always win.

The wager might have been won by Garmadon, but he still needs Samukai's help because of what he knows about the Underworld.

I really enjoyed the Papercutz Lego Ninjago Vol. 1 graphic novel! It kept me interested from beginning to end filled with great action, fun and humor that you may be used to from Lego. I look forward to learning where the adventures will lead the young Ninja. I loved the great artwork! Ninjago was written by Greg Farshtey, the art by Paulo Henrique and colors by Laurie E. Smith.

Papercutz, Lego Ninjago Vol. 1 is available now in stores with a cover price, $6.99.
It is a great book for all ages!

Thank you Papercutz!

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