Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gentle Giant 2011 Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Thank the Maker Holiday Mini Bust Review

Every year, Gentle Giant Studios has a special treat for Premier Guild Members, especially during the holiday season. They have made a special Star Wars Holiday mini bust for the past few years and 2011 has finally brought us Darth Vader.

We just received the 2011 Gentle Giant Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader "Thank the Maker" Holiday Mini Bust and I can say this is our favorite Star Wars holiday mini bust so far. The Vader was actually based on the 2010 Lucasfilm holiday card, which can be seen on the bottom left corner of the back.

The packaging is very nice with the great open window on the front to show the head of Darth Vader. The side gives the great pics of what you can expect in this awesome bust. The back of the box does show a picture of the 2010 Lucasfilm holiday card that helped inspired this piece. There is also an open window which seems to be a postcard titled, Star Wars "Thank the Maker".

Well we then opened the box to unveil a great surprise we did not expect, which actually would be a first in the Star Wars holiday busts. The Star Wars "Thank the Maker" postcard was actually a Dark Horse Comics exclusive mini comic! Talk about a bonus for us because we are fans of Gentle Giant, but to also find a Dark Horse comic included was a special treat.

Gentle Giant always assures us of great quality control with strong sturdy styrofoam that protects their products.

It was finally time to release Darth Vader from his plastic protective coverings to let him breathe. Gentle Giant has done it again with this Vader to bring an amazing, detailed piece from the super shiny helmet to the cape and his armor.

The Holiday Darth Vader mini bust is actually a deluxe piece, which includes extra accessories. This piece is great because it allows you to pose Vader three different ways.

The first version of Vader we would have to display would be Vader as we know him with him using the force. The sculpt is great and you can see the 3D technology that helps Gentle Giant to bring their products to life.

The next accessory that is included in this set would be a Vader hand holding the head of C-3PO as featured on the cover of the Dark Horse Comics "Thank the Maker" mini comic. The likeness of C-3PO's head is terrific and very detailed. What a great pose because of the stare Darth Vader is giving when he is holding up the droid he actually built and created.

The next accessory would be the one piece that helped inspire this year's holiday Star Wars mini bust thanks to the 2010 Lucasfilm holiday card. What more can you ask for than to have Darth Vader showing his peaceful side by holding and releasing the dove?

We had to take a few fun pictures of Vader releasing the dove with his shadow in the background.

The last picture is the base of the bust and as you see, this piece is a rare piece of only 1000 pieces. We really love the Gentle Giant Star Wars Darth Vader "Thank the Maker" Holiday mini bust! They did another amazing job on the sculpt and detail of Vader and his separate poses. This is our favorite so far in the annual holiday mini busts that Gentle Giant has released.

Thank you Gentle Giant Studios!

Happy Holidays!!

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