Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises First Full Poster

The Dark Knight Rises "Teaser" Poster

Warner Brothers has just issued their first full poster to The Dark Knight Rises today and in time to compete with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man poster. We have been hearing plenty of rumors about the end of Batman and that Bane would be his demise. This poster seems to hold true to what we have heard, but will it be possible? Christopher Nolan will be completing his epic trilogy next Summer 2012 and he has surprised us with incredible directing on the Batman films. Many criticized his choice of the Joker to be played by the late, Heath Ledger, who by far is the best Joker ever. We know that Warner Brothers has announced that there will be a 7 minute IMAX prologue to The Dark Knight Rises featuring Bane in the previews of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocal. We are trying to go in with great surprise next July 20, 2012 to not know a whole lot about The Dark Knight Rises, but it is so tempting to have to see this 7 minute footage from the film.

Here is the new full poster featuring Bane

What does The Legend Ends mean? Will Christopher Nolan allow Batman to be defeated? This poster is definitely amazing and Batman fans have to be talking about this poster and asking the same questions. We are excited!


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