Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unmasking the Batman from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles

We have always been fans of Sideshow Collectibles products from their Premium Format statues, dioramas, and their 12-inch figure lines. We are huge Star Wars fans, but we are also comic book fans. Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys have had a great collaboration for sometime now and what better than to create an amazing DC Comics line. We love Sideshow Collectibles 12-inch figures, but Hot Toys produces the best because of their amazing detail and accessories that are included.
The Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys recently released a 12-inch Batman-Bruce Wayne  (Batman Begins) Batsuit figure exclusively through their website and at the Asia Toy Fair. We have never purchased a 12-inch Batman before, so what better way then to order this piece. The pictures were amazing and I have always wanted to own some of HotToys products. We recently received the figure and I had to open it to take some pictures. I like my toys in their packages, but I wanted to release this one into the open.

The packaging is great with the box displaying Batman’s full gear climbing harness and his utility belt. The box is sturdy and you should be assured that your investment will be well protected inside.

  The packaging inside is amazing and a great display without ever happening to open it up. An insert is included to tell us who the creative team was who created this masterpiece. Batman’s cape and his utility belt were kept separate and packed very well. In the main compartment, we see the amazing details that Hot Toys puts into their products with Christian Bale‘s likeness as Bruce Wayne and the accessories included.

 Many great accessories are included such as Batman and his Cowl, a couple of extra interchangeable lower face sections to change his many expressions he displays in the movie (Really?), interchangeable hands to hold his utility belt items, Grapnel gun, Cape, Ninja mask and much more. We wanted to stop here, but we were already further than I normally like to be with my toys.

 We had no choice now, but to start playing with the accessories and seeing how good this figure really was. The articulation and details are incredible in all of the accessories and the gear climbing harness. The interchangeable hands are great for posing and holding the many weapons that are included in Batman’s utility belt.

It was now time for Bruce Wayne to become Batman. We removed the climbing gear harness and attached his utility belt. The next piece that was rather very difficult to put on was the Cape. It is very tight and you are required to place Batman and his Cowl on top of the cape. Be very careful when doing so, which was frustrating.

Finally, Batman is in full gear! The cape is terrific and it can be moved in many ways. I have only one suggestion for Hot Toys to maybe try next time for Batman, by actually adding some kind of wire to allow you to really display the cape in many poses.

Is this what Batman would look like if Bruce Wayne got lazy to create the Cowl? We had to give it a shot.
Overall, we really enjoy this piece and we are very pleased with how amazing Hot Toys truly is as a company. The details and articulation they have put into this Bruce Wayne-Batman figure is awesome. The packaging was great to assure a mint figure, great accessories, the detailing is so lifelike and it is Batman! Other, than the difficulty of putting on the cape and cowl, I would say this piece is outstanding. Hot Toys recently acquired the rights to the Dark Knight Rises, so be prepared to see even more of their impressive line, including a large scaled Tumbler!

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