Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Return of Speed Racer from Allegory Media

Allegory, LLC is happy to announce the release of the long awaited new generation of Speed Racer stories.  The new series entitled Circle of Vengeance(Diamond Code JUL110872) consists of four issues with the first to arrive on store shelves on November 9th.  The first issue kicks off a new story arc that reveals the source of the Racer family's long-running rivalry with the evil Car Acrobatic Racing Team. 

Allegory has assembled an all-star cast of writers and artists to work on the first series of books, including Tommy Yune (Speed Racer, Robotech), Len Wein (Swamp Thing, X-Men), Robby Musso (Transformers), and Lee Kohse (Star Wars, Kindergoth).

 Industry veteran Len Wein brought his experience and praise.  “I'm thrilled to be working along side a team with a rich artistic and creative history.  Speed racer fans are in for an incredible series that won’t disappoint.” Speed Racer: Circle of Vengeance #1 of 4 will be on store shelves on November 9, 2011. Additionally, the story will be available through an exclusive North American digital distribution through Graphicly (www.graphicly.com).  Additionally, Allegory is working closely with its international partner, Ave!Comics (www.avecomics.com) to help bring Speed Racer around the globe.

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