Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red Spike TPB from Image Comics and Benaroya Publishing

Image Comics is proud to announce the January release of RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP, written by Jeff Cahn, illustrated by Mark Texeira (Wolverine, Punisher) and Salvador Navarro, edited by Dave Elliott and produced by Benaroya Publishing. RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP collects issues #1-5 of the sold out miniseries and will include extras such as a gallery page of covers by veteran artist Mark Texeira and the diaries of Doctor Fairfield, creator of the Red Spike program.

70 years ago, the world began its race to create the first Super Soldier. In 2011, the United States succeeded… twice. Project Red Spike discovered that through the manipulation and regulation of the adrenal glands the super soldier was no longer just a dream.

The world of RED SPIKE involves soldiers Matt Cutler and Greg Dane, the first to survive the Project Red Spike program. They have been proven on the field to be everything that was wanting in the program. Unfortunately, an upgrade to Greg’s implant goes array and now it’s up to Matt to chase down his friend before he hurts himself, the city and the tax payers who funded their creation. But as the friends begin their very public battle in heart of Washington, DC, twisted and sinister secrets begin to emerge from within the Red Spike program. Can both soldiers survive or are their deaths a necessary measure to secure the program’s secrecy?

RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP  (NOV110411, ISBN: 978-1-60706-487-9), a 144-page full-color trade paperback, will be on sale in stores January 11th, 2012 for $12.99 and is available to order in the November 2011 edition of Previews. For more information, please visit http://www.benaroyapublishing.com/.

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