Thursday, November 10, 2011

R2C3 Customs by Keithing Look Amazing!

"R2C3" is customized on 3A's WWRP Armstrong, Dropcloth & BadBot.

R2C3 Armstrong - edition of 10, 9 to public -$295.00
R2C3 Dropcloth - edition of 3 -$380.00
C3 BadBot - edition of 3 -$400.00
(Prices are all including free shipping within the US.)

Keithing has been known to make some amazing custom vinyl pieces and here is just a little more proof. What can be a better combination but to combine threeA toys and Star Wars, especially two of the most familiar droids of all movies? 

Keithing has marked it a special date for all of us, on 11.11.11 and 1:11pm EST with his next customs   releasing over at

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