Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview with Ed Gale (Chucky and Howard the Duck) at the First Annual Comikaze Expo (2011)

Do you remember Howard the Duck?...  The humanoid duck pulled from his planet to Earth to stop an alien invader.  Well, if you are too young for Howard the Duck, it doesn't matter how old you are to know who Chucky is. Chucky is one of the most iconic horror villians of my generation and will continue to be for future generations.  In fact, MGM has the reboot to Child's Play in the works and it is expected to release sometime in 2013. The original Child's Play movie, which released in 1988, spawned a franchise including 4 sequels, dolls among other merchandise, costumes, the halloween maze/tram ride at Universal Studios Horror Nights (2009), and I am sure Chucky has been the theme or at least appeared at other mazes across the nation.

 Although, the reboot may feature a CGI version of Chucky, the franchise would not be where it is, without someone behind the mask and suit to do the original movies.  We have Ed Gale to thank for bringing Howard the Duck and Chucky to life.  I had the awesome opportunity to interview Ed Gale at the Comikaze Expo, where we talked about his experience playing Chucky and the Child's Play reboot.  If you want to learn more about Ed Gale and the various other projects he has been involved with, you can find the info at his website

 We just want to thank Ed Gale for taking the time for the interview.

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