Monday, October 10, 2011

Kirby: Genesis - Dragonsbane #1 from Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite is proud to be working - for the first time - with acclaimed writer Robert Rodi (THOR: FOR ASGARD, THOR & LOKI: BLOOD BROTHERS) writing Kirby: Genesis - Dragonsbane, hitting comic book stores everywhere next January 2012!  Kirby: Genesis - Dragonsbane #1, is drawn by Fritz Casas (QUEEN SONJA) with covers by the main Kirby: Genesis artists - Alex Ross and Jack Herbert! 

Spinning out of the epochal events of KIRBY: GENESIS comes the saga of Sigurd Dragonsbane, the greatest champion in all Valhalla. Since time immemorial tales of his adventures have resounded throughout the halls of gods and men alike. But what happens when Sigurd and his colleagues-wise Balduur, rakish Honir, and caustic Heimdall-discover that Valhalla isn't the only mythic realm?...And that all the others are now conjoined into one vast magical landscape? Why, they set out to explore it, of course-and to rescue a princess beset by dragons. But all isn't as it seems in these newly unified Mythlands, and Sigurd's latest exploit could be his last! Based on character concepts and designs by Jack Kirby, DRAGONSBANE draws back the curtain on the astonishing mythical underpinnings of the Kirby universe.

"DRAGONSBANE is an exciting chance to take this vast assemblage of concepts and characters direct from the King's fertile imagination, throw them all together in a world both compellingly familiar and perilously new, and watch the sparks fly," says writer Robert Rodi.  "I'm no stranger to tackling subjects both legendary and epic, but this one has a wonderfully fresh and vital feeling to it. People often refer to the joy of playing in Kirby's "sandbox"; well, this is a corner no one's played in before, and we're having the time of our lives building some seriously wild architecture there."

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