Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Blackest Terror is Creating a Buzz!

Have you heard about The Blackest Terror? It is sure creating a buzz right now and you probably will hear about it soon, but hopefully in a good way. We enjoyed it and look forward to picking up our copies on Wednesday, October 26th. If you are in the Tucson, AZ area, you will be lucky to actually get it signed by the creator of the series, Eric M. Esquivel on Wednesday, October 26th at Heroes and Villians Comics and Adventure. Great things are going on in the comic world with the DC Comics relaunch bringing in new readers, but you should try to see the independent comics that are out there. There are some great stories that people may never get to read and this is definitely one of them! Order your copy today at your local comic shop.

Here is also a great interview with Eric Esquivel and Newsarama that was posted today.

Every now and then, we need to hear the tales of a superhero that remains lurking in the dark. The superhero that fights for justice, their community, their freedom, their rights. Unfortunately, this superhero may cause too much controversy for all the wrong reasons. Why?? They are the hero for many, while they are the enemy for many more! Blackest Terror may be that superhero that many have been waiting for. He has finally stood up for those that could not do it before and he is helping many more to come out and join his fight.

The Blackest Terror is now available to pre-order in the Diamond Previews Catalog, and it will be out at your local comic shops in October. Tucson, Arizona's very own, Eric M. Esquivel is the mastermind behind this original and it is great fun! The artwork is by Ander Sarabia. We really enjoyed the story and artwork and we will definitely be ordering our copies today! I am looking forward to seeing where the Blackest Terror will take us. Oh and one more thing, I really want to see who the Bronze Terror is!! (A character mentioned in Blackest Terror and he is from Arizona)
From the Diamond Preview Catalog's solicitation copy:
 “Moonstone Modern Myths: BLACKEST TERROR #1 (C: 0-1-0)

(W) Eric M Esquivel (A) Ander Sarabia Order Code: AUG111128
The Blackest Terror is a pioneer in what sociologists have dubbed
“the super hero subculture,” a collection of racial and social minorities who feel underserved by the mainstream legal system and have decided to take matters into their own costumed hands. How will the world react to these benevolent outlaws? Will they become celebrated symbols of humankind’s capacity for good or hated catalysts of a bloody revolution?"

Blackest Terror is the first in a series of five self-contained one-shots from Moonstone Books written by Eric M. Esquivel & drawn by Ander Sarabia which reinterpret "Golden Age", public domain characters for the modern era.


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