Friday, September 9, 2011

The X-Men: Regenesis Begins With X-Men: Schism #5

The future of mutantkind begins this October in X-Men: Schism #5! Superstar artist Adam Kubert joins Marvel Architect Jason Aaron for this explosive finale that will change everything you know about the X-Men.

For the past couple of weeks, Marvel has been sending teasers of the future of X-Men in the Regenesis. Cyclops and Wolverine continue to have a huge grudge and have separated the mutants into their teams. What team will you choose? 

X-MEN: SCHISM #5 (AUG110649)
Written by JASON AARON
Art and Cover by ADAM KUBERT
FOC – 9/12/11, ON SALE – 10/5/11

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