Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Planet of the Apes #6 Sells Out and for Good Reason!

Boom! Studios has yet another incredible series in Planet of the Apes! We have enjoyed this series from the very beginning because it is filled with a great story, action, and makes you wanting more after each issue. Boom! Studios has done this series right to tie in perfectly with the release of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 

Daryl Gregory and Carlos Magno continue to bring a well written series with great art! Planet of the Apes #6 continues the story of The Devil's Pawn Part 2. This issue helps to tie in more reasons why the hatred is so strong between the Apes and Humans.

PLANET OF THE APES #6 second print features a can’t-miss, all-new original cover by Harvey Award-nominated Damian Couceiro (ROBERT E. HOWARD’S HAWKS OF OUTREMER). Written by Daryl Gregory (DRACULA:COMPANY OF MONSTERS) and drawn by Carlos Magno (COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS). PLANET OF THE APES #6 second print is available from Diamond Comic Distributors with the following Diamond Code: AUG118102, as well as through Haven Distributors.

PLANET OF THE APES continues its phenomenal run. After selling out of the first issue of this outstanding series, BOOM! Studios offered Issue #5 for the introductory price of $1.00 the same day as the $9.99 Volume 1 trade collection hit store shelves! With new readers getting caught up, demand has outpaced supply with the next issue, leading PLANET OF THE APES #6 to sell out of its first printing within days of release.

This issue of PLANET OF THE APES finally reveals the ferociousness of the apes' plans against humans! As humans face oppressive tactics not seen in centuries, they choose to fight with newfound viciousness, committing an act so severe it will have reverberations for years to come! Superstar writer Daryl Gregory and white hot artist Carlos Magno ensure you have to "get your hands on these damn dirty apes!"

PLANET OF THE APES #6 second print (Diamond Code: AUG118102) ships with a fantastic all-new cover from Harvey Award-nominated Damian Couceiro and continues the epic ongoing sci-fi saga written by Daryl Gregory, and featuring sensational art by Carlos Magno.

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