Thursday, September 8, 2011

Papercutz Ninjago Graphic Novel

Who does not love Legos? We are huge fans and I grew up to playing with them as a child and I guess I am still a child because I continue playing with them today! My favorite line from Lego is Star Wars, but Harry Potter is a close second. A new line that has joined the Lego Group recently is the very popular, Ninjago. This is an amazing line that combines Ninjas with the Skeleton Army and the battle game of Spinjitzu.

The Lego Group has not only created the toy line and video game, but we will soon get a graphic novel from Papercutz this November.  The Lego Ninjago graphic novels are written by Greg Farshtey, who penned the BIONICLE graphic novels (based on the LEGO property). Paulo Henrique, who has illustrated Papercutz HARDY BOYS graphic novels, will provide the art for the new line. The Papercutz Lego Ninjago graphic novel has created a huge buzz with a record breaking print run of over 150,000 copies in pre-orders for the first print!

The first 64-page, full color, 6”x 9” Ninjago graphic novel will have a cover price of $6.99 ($10.99 in hardcover) and will be released on November 8th, 2011. Three additional volumes are planned for 2012.

We will be looking forward to getting our very first Lego graphic novel this November!! Be on the lookout for our review on the Lego Ninjago graphic novel very soon. 

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