Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Halimaw! Sculptures

Have you heard of Halimaw! Sculptures? Once you see what they are creating, I am very sure you will definitely want to know a lot more about them. Halimaw Sculptures creates amazing statues from your favorite comic book to movie characters. What makes Halimaw Sculptures special is that it consists of a team of comic book and movie fans who create masterpieces of characters they truly love. Reminds me of why we created our website because we share information of some of the things we love such as comics, toys, and movies. They have created many great statues from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Streetfighter. 

These statues are amazing! You can also follow Halimaw! Sculptures  on Twitter @halimawsculpts and on facebook, Halimaw! Sculptures has added many updates of statues they are working on. 

Their work is very impressive and we have become fans of Halimaw! Sculptures and we look forward to seeing their growth in the industry. We do love the fact that they are fans themselves, which impresses us most. 

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