Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Costumes of El Paso Comic Con EPCON

What is a comic convention or pop culture convention without attendees dressed up for the occasion? Comic cons are always fun because of the fans that attend the events. Any event could have the worst vendors or exhibits, but if you have people dressed up you should be prepared for excitement and fun. This past weekend, El Paso hosted the El Paso Comic Con (EPCON), and we knew we would see costumes. The event overall was terrific, filled with many artists and special guests, but it also brought out the original costumes, zombies, and more! There were actually a couple familiar attendees in costume that we actually took pictures of at the San Diego Comic Con. 

There was a great presence of Star Wars with the special guests that included Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, Dickey Beer, and Bonnie Piesse, but I was surprised that I did not see as many Star Wars costumes. There was a presence of course, but I am used to seeing the 501st. 

Dickey Beer was in the house, so you know we needed Boba Fett!

 I am sure Jan Duursema would be proud! Darth Talon is a great character!

Lone Mandalorian!

Very cool VW Passat promo with mini Vader

There was also a great Star Trek presence with special guests that included Anthony Montgomery, James Horan, and El Paso's own Chase Masterson. There were Star Trek fans dressed in costume to honor the franchise. 

There was of course the great presence of the original costumes of famous comic, video game, and cartoon characters throughout the event. The Zombies of course roamed the halls! There was a Zombie Contest on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately we had a long drive back home to not be able to attend. There are many more pictures of the costumes on EPCON's Facebook.

Even the El Paso Youth Symphony dressed up for the occasion. 

As mentioned earlier, we did see a couple of familiar costumes that we recognized from the San Diego Comic Con. It is a small world! We actually had taken pictures of these two at SDCC this past July. Did not hurt to take another because these really are great costumes. 

We do have other EPCON posts available and there will be more! Please follow us on twitter, @angrykoalagear, for more updates. 

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