Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Samurai's Blood #3 from Image Comics

Samurai's Blood #3 from Image Comics will be out in comic shops tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17th. This series continues to amaze us with the incredible story and the amazing art. Just last month at the time of release of the second issue during the SDCC, we had the opportunity to interview Owen Wiseman. We wanted to meet him because of how great this series really is and it seems to be getting even better with each issue, especially Samurai's Blood #3.  

There are four ascending levels of suffering in the world and Mayuko is about to learn them all. With Katashi floating unconscious down the river, Mayuko is left to fend for herself against the vile Mistresses Kimori and Yamayuna, as they attempt to break her spirit and make her one of their oiron girls. But just as quickly as the faintest glimmer of freedom appears so, too, does it fade away. Innocence must pay the terrible price.
 This is the backstory to the third issue and Mayuko will struggle and continue her fight for what she believes in and hold the name of the Sanjo Clan even if this fight may be very difficult to defeat. The reviews seem to continue to grow on this series because many more are realizing how great it is. We are half way through this mini-series, and we can not wait to see what happens to our three heroes. Definitely one of my favorite series right now!! If you are looking for a new, original series, we highly recommend picking up Samurai's Blood from Benaroya Publishing and Image Comics. 

Preview Pages from Samurai's Blood #3


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