Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well then you're in for some exciting news!
At the Comic Con International held July 21, 2011 the Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 Console was announced!
Yes, most of you may know this by now but hey this might be new to some!
The limited edition console and wireless controller are inspired by the 70's elements of R2-D2 and C-3PO. So, for you die hard fans you will catch some surprising details that were put into this awesome console!

Here are some super exciting exclusives and what is included in this bundle;

-Kinect Star Wars game (yes! finally we can all go home and release the inner jedi or sith inside of us!)

-The custom R2-D2 themed Xbox 360, which will include exclusive sounds! So, be prepared when you hit or may I say use the force since they are so touch sensitive when you power up the console  (I know it makes me feel like a Jedi every time, just like public modern bathrooms you need to be a Jedi just to get a paper towl or flush the toilet). Also when you hit that eject disk button R2-d2 will have a message for you! There is also a rumor that a secret message is in the disk tray that only hardcore fans will know..pretty exciting if you ask me.

-Custom C-3PO themed wireless controller which is fully detailed once you take a closer look at it.

-A MASSIVE 360 GB hard drive, yes I said it microsoft has done it the biggest hard drive yet!

-Of course a Xbox 360 wired headset because we all love to chat and say nice messages to people across the e-world when we give them a good shot to the head, I know I enjoy it..

-The first ever all white kinect sensor

-Kinect Adventure game

-EXCLUSIVE downloadable content!!! Can't wait to see what that is and what kind of dashboard is on that bad boy.

The console is priced at a very low price of $449.99. Start adding it to your christmas list because its coming out right around the holidays! By my research and what I've heard the most official date I know of is December 31, 2011.
If you own an xbox already I suggest you go ahead and watch the official video preview on Inside Xbox with Major Minute on your dashboard or, look it up on YouTube but a bit more is revealed on the Xbox video. So gamers of all ages and species get ready for this AMAZING console to come out at the end of the year. I promise you it will be epic and a glorious piece to have in your collection or just sitting next to your TV looking awesome, oh and of course to play some video games on. Thats all for now. For more info on the console click the link below and happy gaming til next time!
Love always, Toniekills (catch me on xbox live!)

If you wanna check out a video on it with Inside Xbox on YouTube here's the link!


Link for more info on the official Star Wars site:


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