Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gentle Giant Studios 2011 Premier Guild Member Holiday Exclusive Darth Vader Mini Bust

If you were lucky enough to attend the San Diego Comic Con as we were, I would hope you were amazed to see the 2011 Gentle Giant PGM Holiday Exclusive. Each year, PGM members have been treated to a great holiday Star Wars themed mini bust exclusive. This year is simply amazing with the Holiday Darth Vader mini bust. It was one of my favorite Gentle Giant Studio pieces that were on display at SDCC. What makes this piece special is that Vader will have three great poses with him either holding his hand up, holding the head of C-3PO, or releasing a dove. This is the great creativity that Gentle Giant has brought us each holiday season! 

The Holiday Darth Vader Mini Bust Exclusive is actually up for Pre-order right now to Premier Guild Members at Gentle Giant Studios. Keep in mind that you must be a PGM in order to order this incredible piece that will sure to be a hit as the other Holiday busts have been. 

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