Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Warner Brothers Chuck Signing at the San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con is not only home to the comic book companies, toy companies, artists, but it also has become a home to actors and actresses. Warner Brothers is amongst the movie and television companies that take the San Diego Comic Con by storm each year. It seems that their booth continues to grow and gain even more popularity if all possible. This year, Warner Brothers tried something new for their autograph opportunities to create a lottery system,which was held each morning in the Sales Pavilion. Attendees lined up bright and early before the opening of the Exhibit Hall and took their chances to grab the "golden ticket" from a bag of raffle tickets. The winning ticket allowed you to get a special signing bracelet. We tried our luck in a few signings, but had no luck until "Chuck". 

The Chuck signing was held on Saturday, July 23rd at 12:15pm. This was to be a very special signing because this may be the last Chuck signing, which is in its final season!

Well, only one of us were lucky to win the bracelet for the signing, so we took our camera in thinking we would be lucky to take pictures with the cast, but security said if they see us even make any attempts that we would be pulled out of line immediately. I was not taking any chances. I did take a few pictures while waiting for the cast to come.

This is the best we could do since I was unable to take my pictures during the signing by having AKG member, "dpaz" take pictures amongst the crowd!

In the end, we got this awesome signed Chuck poster by all of the cast members! We even got a cool Chuck double sided t-shirt!

Found this video on the WB, and you can actually see me for a second, did you see the guy chewing his gum at 0:55 seconds of the video? (That's me!!!)

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