Monday, July 11, 2011

Samurai's Blood #2 from Image Comics

Have you had the chance to pick up Image Comics new series, Samurai's Blood #1 for only $1? You may be still lucky to find the first issue at your local comic shop. What more do you want then to buy a new full issue comic for $1 that is filled with drama, excitement, honor, and of course Samurai! 

Samurai's Blood #2 will be in stores this Wednesday, July 13th and continues the story of the three teenagers, Jun, Kajiro, and Mayuko who will seek vengeance and keep the name of Sanjo Clan alive. The story is still fresh and the art is amazing, even with the surprise of a ninja!

If you are going to be at SDCC then you will be in luck because there is going to be an incredible wraparound cover to Samurai's Blood #2. 

We are very excited for this new series and look forward to meeting the creators this year at SDCC. 
We are even going to get an opportunity for an interview! Keep an eye out on our post!!

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