Wednesday, July 13, 2011

M.A.D. Membership Drive - NEW AGENTS NEEDED

Can you remember what organization the photo above is from? Go ahead take a guess. I can wait...

Yes it is from M.A.D. the evil organization headed by Dr. Claw.  Dr. Claw is the nemesis of Inspector Gadget. Dr. Claw is looking for new members to his evil organization and you can join.
If you head to the their homepage (shown below) you can apply for employment to be a part of Dr. Claw's team.

As part of the application process you must take a personality (or lack of personality) test. This will help determine your experience and best fit for the organization as a new agent. If you pass the test, you will also get your first assignment. I'd love to tell you mine, but all it is TOP SECRET.  I can tell you that it will be at San Diego Comic Con. Plus it is all an effort to take down Inpector Gadget. I hope that we can get Penny and Brain the dog too.

Direct from Sphinxgroup...

In these hard times, it's reassuring to know that steady employment awaits someone with a heart as black as yours. The M.A.D. organization is launching a membership drive, along with a brand new website, in order to better combat that bumbling nitwit, Inspector Gadget.

Interested applicants should visit

Once applications are being accepted, you will be required to answer several questions to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Upon successfully completing this application, you will receive your first mission.

If by some miracle you manage to walk away from that mission in one piece... you will not do so empty-handed. Just think, all these years you've been stinking rotten for free!

Join M.A.D. now! Evil is always hiring.

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