Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Artifact from Image Comics and Top Cow

This September, the final issue of Image Comics and Top Cow Productions' ARTIFACTS series will not only feature interior art by comic icon Dale Keown (BERSERKER, PITT), but will set the stage for the entire Top Cow Universe for the foreseeable future. ARTIFACTS, orchestrated by prolific writer Ron Marz (SHINKU, WITCHBLADE) and various artists including Jeremy Haun, has definitely proven to be a world-changing event in the Top Cow Universe.

Marz commented on his work on the upcoming finale: "Honestly, the hardest thing to do with any event series is make sure the ending is worthy of what's come before. That's where the real pressure comes in. So having an immense talent like Dale Keown joining me for issue #13 makes it a lot easier to stick the landing, so to speak. With Dale on board, ARTIFACTS #13 will be epic in every sense of the word. I've been lucky to work with Michael Broussard, Whilce Portacio and Jeremy Haun on the series, and Dale is the icing on the cake." 

 The epic story of ARTIFACTS has been organically threading the lives and fates of the many beloved Top Cow characters together, so that however events in this last issue unfold, all will be impacted. Beginning in October, Top Cow Productions will be scheduling an ARTIFACTS-related title a week, so readers can follow their favorite characters within WITCHBLADE, THE DARKNESS, and THE MAGDALENA, as well as a yet-to-be-announced fourth mystery title after the fallout of ARTIFACTS.

"I am so incredibly excited for September and beyond in the Top Cow Universe. Ron Marz and I first discussed ARTIFACTS over two years ago and it's thrilling to see readers experience the story I've known about all along. It's even more exciting to see Dale Keown return to interior work. No reboots, no relaunches, just an epic event and a manageable comic universe done right!"
 ARTIFACTS #13 (JUL110439), a 32-page full color comic book, is available for order in the July issue of Previews Catalog for $3.99 and ARTIFACTS VOL. 2 TP (OCT108036) goes on sale August 3, 2011 for $15.99.

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