Friday, July 15, 2011

Image Comics: Heart #1

G4tv's Blair Butler announced yesterday that she's making her professional comics writing debut at Image Comics this November, with a four-issue miniseries called HEART. Featuring art by LOVESTRUCK artist Kevin Mellon with lettering and design by Crank!, HEART combines Butler's love of both comics and mixed martial arts for a story that's both full of action and emotionally gripping.

"I think it's safe to say that writing this book was hugely intimidating. It's scary to think that you might fail horribly at something you love!" exclaimed Butler. "But this is a story I've been dying to tell. I know it's set in a world that may seem esoteric or overwhelmingly brutal to a lot of people, but I hope both comics and MMA fans will find a lot to relate to inside. HEART is about the initial rush of joy that comes with discovering something you love, finding a purpose, and what happens when you reach your threshold and have to question your own heart and dedication."

HEART chronicles the struggles and victories of a spirited young fighter named Oren as he forges ahead through a difficult, frequently painful career path. Even though Mellon is illustrating pages chock-full of fight scenes, he has described the story of HEART as like nothing else in comics right now.
 "Blair and I first started talking about HEART at Comic-Con last year, and I'm thrilled that readers will finally be able to read the wonderful story that's been percolating in her mind over the last year," said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "Her passion for the material is undeniable, and in Kevin, she's found the perfect artist to bring that passion to life on the page. Get ready for a really special series!"

HEART #1, a 32-page black and white comic book, will be available to order in the September issue of Previews, and goes on sale in stores in November for $2.99.

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