Monday, July 4, 2011

Image Comics: 27 Second Series Rocks!

Image Comics and Shadowline recently announced that 27, the first story arc of the sell out miniseries by writer Charles Soule (Strongman) and artist Renzo Podesta, will be followed by a second story arc. The second arc, 27: SECOND SET, will include more mysteries of rock and roll history, more of those talented and famous musicians that become legend, and more untimely deaths!

27: FIRST SET has wrapped up and is already on sale. This first collection includes issues 1-4 as well as a new 12-page backup story called “Crossroad Blues.”

Not only does the first volume include new material, but as a show of appreciation to fans, Charles Soule hid a puzzle contest within the pages of the first miniseries story arc. The first person to solve the puzzle will win a plane ticket to this year’s San Diego Comic Con!

“While I know a ton of people have been working on it, I may have made it too tricky, because no one has actually solved the puzzle yet!” explained Soule. “So, I decided to change up the rules just a bit - after all, I do want someone to win. I put the answer to the puzzle into the 27: FIRST SET trade - it's right there in the back, in plain English. The solution involves doing a certain thing, and anyone who picks up the trade and does that thing within a week after the book hits shelves will be entered into a drawing for the plane ticket. It's open to everyone, and I hope plenty of people give it a shot!”

27: FIRST SET TP (APR110417), a 136-page Golden Age size full color trade paperback, is on sale now for $16.99. 

27: SECOND SET #1 (JUL110437), a 32 page full color comic book for $3.99, is available to order in the July edition of the Diamond Previews catalog, and goes on sale in September.

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