Friday, July 22, 2011

The Excitement of the San Diego Comic Con and Life without Internet for a Day!

Wow! We have been on the go for these last couple of days traveling to San Diego for the biggest Comic Convention of them all and it seems it is even larger. It may not be larger, but to the Angry Koala Gear crew it is because we are still rookies to our website, twitter, facebook, etc. We are fans and when you are fans (fanatics, obsessed, "fill in the rest") your excitement takes the best of you and the distractions become insane. We knew that this year would be so different because we not only have to attend the San Diego Comic Con as we normally do to buy all our goodies, but to also have to take pictures, interview people, and now tweet and post new updates. 

Well, we thought everything would be fine until we ran into a problem our first night on Wednesday where we did not have any internet access and could not do our Humberto Ramos post. We were able to meet Humberto Ramos at the Palm Restaurant where he would paint a mural and this was to be our first official SDCC post. Do not worry, we are going to be on top of it and get this up because it was a great experience. Another issue is overwhelming ourselves with the long lines of purchasing our favorite toys and trying to attend two (or more) different things at the same time are usually impossible, especially when they are at least a half mile apart. 

We are back and we are happy for the internet! We are also excited because we had a blast at our first SDCC party invite last night and we got to see Stan Lee and many surprise guests! This has been a great, new experience for us so far and that was just day one. 

Be on the lookout for our posts coming soon. We have a busy day ahead of us! 

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