Sunday, July 17, 2011

Captain America #1 Release Event at Heroes and Villains Comics in Tucson

Heroes and Villains Comics and Adventure in Tucson, AZ has yet had another great event for Tucsonans. This past Wednesday, July 13th was the release of Captain America #1 and in honor of the release, they invited artists to do free sketches with the purchase of Captain America #1. The artists that were there when we attended were Jenn Corella (Heroic: A Womanthology), Jason Pedersen, Andy Bohn (The Elvatron Chronicles) , and Ken Wright.  Later in the day, Eric Schock, Ernest Romero, and Ross Demma (Christmas Fire) would make an appearance.

We purchased 2 blank variants of Captain America #1 and we were lucky to get Jenn Corella and Jason Pedersen to do sketches. Andy Bohn and Ken Wright were busy working on covers and we did not have time to get their sketches done. (I wish work would understand that I could go at anytime since I have priorities!)

The event was a lot of fun once again! 

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