Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Voltron: Club Lion Force from Matty Collector

Mattel has been doing a terrific job with their collector clubs available through Matty Collector, which includes Club Ecto-1 and Club Eternia. Well, they are about to add a new club subscription through Matty Collector with information at the San Diego Comic Con. Voltron fans should be pleased to hear the great news that not only is the cartoon airing very soon, actually how about tomorrow evening on Nicktoonsbut that Matty Collector will be adding the all new Club Lion Force

From Matty Collector:
Dedicated to that totally awesome ‘80s TV series, Voltron, all the Club Lion Force details will be announced at SDCC and right here in our News section on Thursday, July 21st. For now, here’s what you need to know: It’ll work exactly like Club Eternia and Club Ecto-1, where you’ll sign up in July for the 2012 subscription. And yes, there will be a club-exclusive item!

We are very excited to seeing the reboots to Thundercats and Voltron. We grew up to the great classic 80's cartoons and it will be interesting to see the changes. 

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