Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Star Wars Gentle Giant 12" Vintage Kenner Jawa Figure

Our favorite Star Wars line created by Gentle Giant Studios is the Star Wars Kenner 12" figures. This line is awesome because they took the original Star Wars 3 3/4" and made them into a 12" scale and added a original retro card. The line was first introduced last year at the SDCC with the Stormtrooper and it was an instant seller.

Well, I have been very pleased with this line because what can be even better than having the small original figures that I played with growing up in a larger scale, much larger and carded? Gentle Giant did put up the pre-order for the Jawa a few months back and I had asked the question of if Premier Guild Members would get the opportunity to buy an exclusive Vinyl Cape Jawa kind of like the variant Han Solo. They did tell me possibly, and today has answered that question. PGM can now pre-order the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Star Wars Retro Kenner 12" Vinyl Cape Jawa, which happens to be a larger scale of one of the most expensive and most sought after original Star Wars figures today. The SDCC exclusive will be limited to only 1000 and cost $70 and is sure to be an instant sellout. 

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