Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Samurai's Blood #1 from Image Comics Review

Samurai's Blood #1 is a new six issue mini-series from Benaroya Publishing and Image Comics and it will be available at your local comic shop today. The story was created by Michael Benaroya and Owen Wiseman, the pencils are by Nam Kim, the inks are by Matthew Dalton, and the colors are by Sakti Yuwono. The cover price for this incredible first issue is only $1.00.

I have always been fascinated in the Japanese history and culture, especially in the history of Samurai. There are many great books on the history, and films about Samurai. The Samurai believed in honor and protected that with their lives, especially when it involved their family. Samurai's Blood is the story of family, roots, love, and power. The story takes place in the Edo period, where the remaining Sanjo Clan are being killed off and the last few are three young warriors who will fight to keep their  existence. In this story, many lessons are learned with honor and unfortunately others are willing to betray to gain power. The story does follow the three young warriors, a brother and sister, Sanjo Junichi and Mayuko, and Katashi who learns his family secrecy before his father's death.

Samurai's Blood #1 was terrific and I look forward to seeing what we have to come in this series. If you love action, swords, romance, and wanting to read something new, I would suggest this comic. The story is great and have enjoyed what Owen Wiseman and Michael Benaroya have brought us so far. The art is incredibly done by Nam Kim along with the great inks and colors by Matthew Dalton and Sakti Yuwono.

Preview Pages from Samura's Blood #1

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