Friday, June 10, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Event at the Tucson Pima County Courthouse

Warner Brothers and DC Comics Green Lantern will be out in theatres nationwide in just a week on Friday, June 17th. Warner Brothers Green Lantern movie website is incredible because of the great interaction it provides to fans, such as adding your picture as one of the Green Lanterns in the official movie poster or taking the Infinite Oath and uploading it to the Warner Brothers Green Lantern website. The interaction has been a great marketing tool for promoting the film. Well, today may have made some great memories for many fans in the Southwest from San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and our very own Tucson, AZ. 
In each of these cities, Warner Brothers called upon Green Lantern fans young and old to come together to join the Green Lantern Corps to recite the Green Lantern Infinite Oath at the same time. The oath was to be made upon dusk, which was after 8pm. We learned there would be great freebies from an official Green Lantern t-shirt, an all powerful Limited Edition Green Lantern ring, and 4 different posters for the first 150 participants. We were not sure what to expect as far as how early people would begin to show up for the event, so we arrived around 5:30pm and there were a few waiting patiently for the festivities. We of course asked each other if we were in the right place because we did not want to miss out on the shirts and rings.

Around 6pm, the promotional company arrived with the goodies! By this time, there were around 15 - 20 people ready to pick up their shirts, rings, and posters. There was great interaction among the attendees and ready to enjoy the fun of saying the oath together. The shirts are great with "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night" in the front, and Green Lantern on the back with a very cool lantern effect with a green shimmer. There were a couple of great Green Lantern standees that the first couple of participants were able to claim at the end of the event.

The staff then set up the green luminaries in a large area. Time went by very quickly for the event because of the interaction between people. We could feel the fun and excitement in the air. By 7:45pm, the group had grown to over a 100 people and we were anxious to say the oath in unison.

We were shortly gathered together for instructions and handed small sheets of paper, which revealed the oath. After 8pm, we were all asked to form a circle around the luminaries and took many pictures with different poses with the rings flashing, and our arms up or down. Once, we took the pictures, we all said the oath in unison. It was a very fun, well organized event. Almost everyone that attended the event received the great freebies.

People who were walking by out of curiousity even wanted to participate in the event. Quite a few people showed up after the oath was taken and had fun just chatting with each other.

Thank you for the great event! See you next week when we see Green Lantern!

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