Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dark Horse Comics: Skultar

Sometimes the finest works in art and literature are those of parody. Such is the case with Skultar, a new comic from M. J. Butler and Eisner Award–winning artist Mark Wheatley (Black HoodLone JusticeMars).

In an age before recorded history, in a brutal world ruled by myth, magic, and monsters, a hero rises to fight for the oppressed. His name is Skultar. Unfortunately, he dies shortly after our story begins . . .

In his place, another rises up to be mistaken for Skultar, to claim the riches and reputation his legend brings. Similar to Skultar in strength, and nothing else, he nevertheless must stumble his way through his adventures, aided by Skultar’s right-hand man. If Skultar’s enemies ever find out he’s an impostor, nothing would stop them from imposing their dark rule over all the lands.

Born into slavery, trained as a warrior, it is his destiny to rule a kingdom by his own hand.

It’s just a stolen destiny.

Now, this forlorn hero comes to the celebrated Dark Horse anthology in its seventh issue.

Mark Wheatley takes his parody seriously. “I think the best humor grows out of a true love for the source material—and I’ve been a fan of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, C. L. Moore, and sword-and-sorcery stories for half an epoch! That doesn’t mean I can’t see where it gets silly! And trust me, Skultar is where it gets silly!”

Look for Skultar: The Unconquered in Dark Horse Presents #7, on sale this December!

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