Monday, June 13, 2011

Boom! Studios: Planet of the Apes Volume 1 and Issue #5

What a great year for Planet of the Apes fans! 20th Century Fox will release a restart or reboot to the series, Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes this August 5th. The movie looks amazing and we look forward to seeing it very soon. We say it is a great year for fans of the classic series for not only the film, but Boom! Studios has started a new Planet of the Apes comic series in April. If you want to read a new amazing comic series, you may want to start reading this series! The story is brilliant and the artwork is incredible. The first issue flew off the shelves of comic book stores and it required Boom! Studios to send it to a second printing. 

Boom! Studios Planet of the Apes comic series is actually a prequel to the original series. It takes place when humans and the apes had a reasonable relationship and learned to live together. How long can these relationships last amongst races? There will always be differences and one always wants the power. In this series, we learn how the two will not be able to work and live together because of a tragedy that blames each other. A great series that helps tie in the reason why there is so much hatred in the original films.  There is good news for those that may want to see the buzz of this series. The Planet of the Apes Volume 1 TPB which features the first four issues at $9.99 and issue #5 for only $1.00 will be released in August, just in time with the release of, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

PLANET OF THE APES VOL. 1 TPB features cover art by Karl Richardson and is written by Daryl Gregory with interior art by Carlos Magno. This title ships in August for only $9.99 and carries a Diamond Code of JUN110954 and an ISBN13 of 978-1-60886-660-1.

PLANET OF THE APES #5 ships with an A and B cover in a 50/50 split by Karl Richardson, and Carlos Magno respectively and a 1-in-10 incentive cover. This title Ships in August for only $1 and carries a Diamond Code of JUN110952.

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