Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sideshow Collectibles: Madame Hydra and Nicky Fury Comiquettes

Sideshow Collectibles has a few great pieces up for pre-order this week and do not forget about the first SDCC exclusive attendee 12-inch Gi Joe Cobra Ninja Viper at 10AM (PT). Well there are two more great Marvel Comiquettes that will be available to pre-order during the release of this week's Sideshow Collectibles newsletter.

The first comiquette is the Madame Hydra Comiquette. The Sideshow Exclusive Edition will be limited to only 500. It will include an additional swap-out portrait, additional swap-out left arm with machine gun, and Fine art print. The Exclusive Edition and Regular both look amazing as usual. What can you expect from Sideshow, but the best! Here are a few great pics of Madame Hydra. 

The second comiquette that will be available from Sideshow Collectibles is yet another great member of the Avengers team. The Marvel Nick Fury as originally portrayed will be available for pre-order in this week's release of Sideshow's newsletter usually around 3PM (PT). The Sideshow Exclusive Edition will also be limited to only 500 and includes a fine art print, additional switch-out portrait with cigar, and additional switch-out hand holding a HUGE BFG weapon. (Awesome!) Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure. 

Good Luck!

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