Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reed Gunther #1 and The Steak Snacking Snake! Review

Shane and Chris Houghton's Reed Gunther #1 and the Steak Snacking Snake from Image Comics will be released tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st in a comic shop near you. Reed Gunther is an all-ages comic created by brothers Shane (writer) and Chris Houghton (artist), which follows a funny bear riding cowboy through the Old West. 

Shane and Chris Houghton are the creators of Reed Gunther and have been publishing the book on their own. The original stories such as Reed Gunther #1 were once released and still available on their website, but the pages will be in black and white. Image Comics will bring the great Reed Gunther stories in color. 

Reed Gunther is a goofy cowboy who travels with his sidekick, Sterling (a bear). Sterling is well mannered and allows Reed to ride him. In Reed Gunther and the Steak Snacking Snake, Reed is with his pal Sterling resting under the moonlight in the desert, which reminds me of home with the Saguaros. Reed appears to be a very friendly, carefree person, which sometimes gets people into trouble. The story begins with Reed and Sterling resting under the moonlight and he becomes memorized with the silhouette of a young woman. The young woman, Starla owns cattle on her ranch that are mysteriously disappearing and she does not need these two messing with her cattle. Of course, she becomes startled with seeing a bear that may be the accomplice of taking her cattle. Reed is a gentleman and says he can help. Reed Gunther is not your average hero, which turns out to be not so bright, but we will soon see who the true heroes are in this adventure. There needs to be a villain in an adventure and it turns out to be an extremely large cow-eating rattle snake (again reminds me of home in the great Southwest). 

Reed Gunther is a great character, and Shane and Chris Houghton have brought a new original story to comics. The story brings back memories of watching the great classic cartoons with a hero, sidekick, villain, and adventure. The hero of course ends up being a goof-ball who wins at the end, but we all know that he had quite some help. If you want to read a creative, fun, hilarious all-ages comic, then Reed Gunther may be for you. 

Here are a few preview pages from Reed Gunther #1 

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