Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phoenix Comicon - Random (aka Mega Ran) Concert

This past Memorial Weekend, downtown Phoenix was filled with geeks, nerds, cosplayers, comic book artists and writers, actors, and much more. Why were all these people here, you may ask? The Phoenix Comicon of course, which had an attendance of over 20,000 people. This comic con had the normal exhibit hall with vendors from toys, art, comics, costume groups, and more, but it also added something different than most. There were actually concerts throughout the event, which included Random (aka Mega Ran), a hip hop artist that features 8-bit samples with lyrics inspired by your favorite games such as Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and more. I actually came across hearing a couple of his tracks last year and one song caught my ears, My Love, which features an incredible beat. I have this track in my IPod and when I seen that he was performing, we had to check it out.

Random (Mega Ran) performing One Winged Angel from Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII from his album, Black Materia: Final Fantasy.

Random (Mega Ran) freestyling in the audience and flowing about anything the guests had in their hands.

Random (aka Mega Ran) had a great show at the Phoenix Comicon. He brought great audience interaction and we enjoyed hearing the beats with music from some of our favorite video games.   Hopefully he will return to Phoenix Comicon 2012.

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