Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tucson Manga Mania Event

Yesterday from 6pm to 10pm the Manga Mania took place at the Murphy-Wilmot Public Library. This was the Kick Off Summer Reading for teens. The event included gaming, costume workshops, manga trading, origami, anime viewing, panels and a lot more. The event was made possible by partnering with Heroes and Villains, Showtime Cards, Bookmans and Brooklyn Pizza Company.

Teens that attended received Mania Yen (MYen) for participating in different events. For instance, teens would receive 25 MYen for signing up for the Summer Reading Program and 50 MYen for attending a workshop or panel. They could purchase food and prizes with MYen.

The Illustrator Panel consisted of Ernest Romero, Clay Lewis and Michael G. Macropoulos. The panel was moderated by Angry Koala Gear Co-Founder Charles. Take a peek at the footage below:


Overall this was a great event not only for teens but for anyone that loves manga, comics and gaming.

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