Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Image Comics: The Walking Dead #19 Weekly

Who is Michonne? What is her story? She sure can use that sword!! You will want to pick up Image Comics The Walking Dead Weekly #19 to get the answers on this mysterious woman, Michonne today at your local comic shop. It has become a very important book in this incredible series. This is the first issue to introduce her character to Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead world and she is a skilled fighter that knows how to use a Samurai sword and handle her own and has survived a great deal this way. If you are a fan of the AMC series, The Walking Dead, you will want to pick up this issue because Michonne is actually supposed to be making her debut in Season 2 to take care of some Zombie business. She is also going to be making her action figure debut later this year by McFarlane Toys. (Simply amazing!) Here is the cover and a few sneak peek issues from this very important issue of The Walking Dead series.

McFarlane Toys Michonne Figure

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