Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Image Comics: Chew #27

Every now and then we see a new twist to comics and John Layman has just added one more to that twist. He is a very creative writer and we have enjoyed his series of Chew because of its originality. Chew is an Eisner Award winning comic book series thanks to the creative team of John Layman and Rob Guillory. If you have not started reading this series and you want something very different, I would highly recommend picking up Chew. Of course, it may be difficult to pick up the early issues because they have been long gone, but you can still find the Chew trade paperbacks in most comic shops. The series is only up to #18, which makes it much easier to start reading this awesome series. The story is already original and creative, but here is the interesting twist that Layman and Guillory will bring us tomorrow by deciding to skip #19 and move all the way to issue #27. Chew readers get to see in the future with what adventures Tony Chu may have and John Layman will bring us back to Chew #19 in June. Here is the cover to Chew #27 and a few pages from the issue coming out tomorrow, May 11th. 

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