Monday, May 9, 2011

Image Comics and Top Cow Productions: Netherworld #1

If you want a new comic with suspense, mystery, a thriller, and horror then I would recommend picking up  Netherworld #1 this Wednesday, May 11th at your local comic shop. Netherworld #1 is a comic book that was created by a great collaboration with Image Comics, Top Cow Productions, and Heroes and Villains Entertainment.  The comic is written by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin. The artwork is by Tony Shasteen. 

I will give my review on Netherworld #1 and what I thought of the comic. The cover was intriguing to see a girl hanging on for her dear life on a skyscraper, which appears to be a part of a very large city. The opening starts off good with a great intro to tell us of a big city filled with danger, crime, and mystery. The story is revolved around a bounty hunter, Ray Parker who saves a young lady being held hostage by the fugitive Parker is after. His twist of saving the young lady was genius. 

Ray Parker must be a very good bounty hunter because he is requested by two separate parties to find the same person, Madeline. The first party is a young woman who wants Parker to get Madeline to safety from one location where she is to another. The other party is a crime boss who controls the city by the name of Cyrus Kane who also wants Parker to find Madeline. Ray Parker just hunts down fugitives and Madeline is not one of them. He may refuse, but why do two separate groups want him to find her and why Ray Parker? Of course, we see Parker has to be curious to find Madeline and she is trapped by a group of guys. Parker is pretty tough and you will see this, and I could see why he was highly requested. What happens next, the end totally caught me off guard and I am trapped to find out what happens next in Netherworld #2? 

If you are looking for a new comic, I would highly recommend trying Netherworld out. The story is great so far and has me wanting more and the artwork fits very well with tying into the writing perfectly. See you on Wednesday to pick up Netherworld #1! 

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