Monday, May 23, 2011

Hasbro New Clone Wars Figures

Hasbro has held on to their Star Wars license from the beginning and they have continued to amaze us with their work each year. The Clone Wars has been a great series for all ages and it has helped to bring the younger generations to become Star Wars fans. Growing up we had Droids and Ewoks as animated figures, and they were great, but look how amazing the Hasbro Clone Wars figures are now. We have been introduced to many new characters and of course have seen many classic characters in this series, which is why it is so great to bring the old and new fans together.  Here are a few new figures that will be released by Hasbro in August from the Clone Wars series.

Savage Opress
Captain Rex with Jetpack
Kit Fisto in Cold Weather Gear
Seripas (Why does this remind me of Men in Black?)

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