Friday, May 20, 2011

Boom! Studios Presents: Malignant Man #2

Boom! Studios Malignant Man #2 is now on sale at your local comic shop. It recently was released this past Wednesday, May 18th. Malignant Man is a four issue sci-fi thriller mini-series and all I can say is so far so good. Have you had the chance to pick up Malignant Man #1 to see the story of Alan Gates? We had the opportunity to do a review on the first issue and it was a mystery of what was going on with this man, Alan Gates who is a cancer patient who feels there is nothing to live for. Because he has nothing to live for he felt he could try to save a woman's life who was being robbed, but results in being shot in the head and chest. Most do not survive tragedies like this, but the mystery becomes alive (literally) resulting in Alan waking up feeling very much alive.

This is where the second issue of Malignant Man becomes into play. Alan Gates is being chased by a group of men with strange blades on their arms and he is asked by the woman who saves his life to flee with her and trust her. Alan is very confused because he wakes up knowing he is shot and wakes to men chasing him and somehow has survived feeling better than ever. The woman has the answers to most of Alan's questions of how he survived, why is his hair already growing back at a rapid speed, why are these men chasing him with these strange blades, how did he even escape, and who is this mysterious woman, Sarah? 

We learn that what saved Alan's life was actually a parasite (Malignant) living inside him which has been in hybernation. The gun shots have awoken it and immediately have healed him. Alan may hold the key to some amazing powers, which may be why people may want him led by Mr. Cancer. Alan will soon learn secrets to his past from both Sarah and Dr. Ezra.  

I have really enjoyed the first two issues of Malignant Man and I look forward to the remaining two issues of this series. 

If you are looking for a new sci-fi thriller series, Malignant Man may be what you are looking for. It has suspense, mystery, violence, and a little Quentin Tarantino action! 

Here are a few pages from Malignant Man #2

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